Environmental Consulting Projects

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A typical day of shallow monitoring well installations and sampling for petroleum contamination. We typically installed monitoring wells to delineate groundwater contamination at existing sites, and to detect any contamination at properties the client was looking into. This site was in Cocoa, Florida.

Drone footage I filmed of the crew and I conducting a Phase II environmental site assessment in the cattle country of Yeehaw Junction, Florida for the Department of Transportation. We assessed and sampled proposed roadway drainage pond sites for soil and groundwater contamination. Those were some hot and humid days!

Air quality monitoring at a soil removal site in Palm Beach County, Florida. Contaminated soil was being removed from a former pesticide storage site and crop duster airstrip to be transported to a hazardous waste landfill. Air quality monitoring was conducted at the boundaries of the site to ensure dust control measures were adequate and impacted dust was not blowing off site.
Peaceful early morning on a central Florida lake boating out to the site on a rented party barge with my fellow junior geologist (and captain) David.

Learning about wetlands categorization at the Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Course. I was worried I might be out of my depth with plant identification, but it ended up not being too bad and most of the focus was on soils, which was a nice surprise.